An Overview of CBT Training

Technological advances have dramatically increased efficiency in many businesses. Not only has it increased efficiency in many business operations, but with its incredibly rapid pace it has impacted our daily lives. With all these technological changes emerging almost on a daily basis, many people especially those in the IT sector are faced with the ongoing demand to keep up. To sufficiently deal with this challenge, the IT workforce will need adequate training to remain an advanced workforce in a rapidly increasing high-tech world of information technology. Let’s look more intensely on the issue of Computer Based Training (CBT):

What Is Computer Based Training?

CBT training can also be described as Computer Assisted Instruction or Tutorials. This type of IT training refers to the process or system of learning that is not associated with being taught in the conventional classroom setting. This is because there are special computer systems available that are built with special software applications that have the responsibility of teaching the IT student. So, if you love to learn at your own pace this training will be ideal for you, as the learning software application benefits both quick and slow learners.

How Did Computer Based Training Develop?

This type of learning information has its origins in the aviation industry. In the 1980’s, the CBT program was introduced for the specific purpose of training and improving the skills of pilots. It was also designed to reduce the high training costs associated with aviation. Additionally, the CBT aviation program was also established to eliminate safety hazards in the on-site training aviation facilities.

As the years rolled by more educational institutions incorporated the MCSE Training Videos programs preparing students for several different training courses. It was a system that moved away from the traditional classroom setting into more learn-at-your-own-speed setting. The CBT technology training took off with the coming of rapid and innovative technological improvements. By the late 90’s, CBT programs reached to Universities and Colleges all over the globe.

What Are the Benefits of Using Computer Based Training?

One of the biggest advantages associated with CBT technology training is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. With the use of this convenient training facility quick learners will forgo the frustration and annoyance of waiting on others to catch up. In other words, the quick learners will not have to worry about taking the average or slow learners with him, because he can go as fast as he would like. On the other hand, slow learners will enjoy this system, simply because they will have the freedom of learning at their own pace without feeling nervous.

Another advantage of using this system is that it eliminates travelling expenses to attend a training course. Furthermore, if you are part-time student, you will spend less time away from your job, its affordable and the system can be structured to pattern different courses like the MCSE training.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Computer Based Training?

The advantages of CBT far outweigh the disadvantages of the system; however, we should not be ignorant of the fact that there are disadvantages. Most companies planning on using the CBT technology training system will have to consider the initial or start-up cost, which is perceived to be expensive. Not only will they need to consider the cost of the program but they will need to think about changing the entire learning environment from the traditional setting to the CBT format.

This can be expensive as well as intimidating to your current staff. In addition to these changes, if you are going to be successful using the CBT format of learning, you will need to have long-term commitment and dedication.