Coaching – The Key To Maximizing Results

Are you ready to take control of your life? Are you ready to take the next step in moving your career or business forward? If your one of the many people that wants to maximize your results or believe it is time for a change, having a coach is the key to your next step.

In a study conducted by the International Coach Federation, they polled 210 coaching clients and the highlights of the survey found 70% of respondents said their investment in a coach was “very valuable”. They also found, 78.1% called the coach a motivator, 50.5% a mentor and 46.7% a business consultant.

We invest time and money into health memberships, professional organizations, etc. We should also make the same investment in our self-development. Coaching is a journey of helping individuals focus on personal and professional results. Action plans are created to achieve a greater understanding of their vision and goals. A coach listens, provides constructive feedback and is ready to create ideas. Some of the outcomes attributed to coaching are:

o Self-discovery

o Smarter Goal Setting

o More Self-confidence

o Better Relationships with Family and Peers

o More Income or Revenue

o Improvement in the Quality of Life

o Enhanced Communication Skills

o Change in Career

What types of coaching are available for those that are interested in maximizing results?

Personal Coaching: This form of coaching is one on one and benefits the individual. The individual creates the vision and goals they would like to attain. The individual moves at his or her own pace. A shift occurs over time within the individual, with the partnership of the coach.

Business Coaching: A form of coaching that benefits small businesses and entrepreneurs. There is a greater focus to expand and grow the business as well as maximize performance and contribution.

Corporate Coaching: A form of coaching used in Corporations. This is conducted one on one or in a group setting benefiting the organization. The results from Corporate Coaching are an increase in productivity, employee attitudes, and recruitment and retention of staff.

Executive Coaching: A form of coaching with executive and management focus. The executive will work through leadership concerns, empowerment and delegation for their benefit and the organization.

As changes take place within the business environment (corporate downsizing and other organizational changes), there is a need for people to execute at different levels. Whatever form of coaching is beneficial for you, don’t wait another day. If you are ready for a change, start maximizing your results with the benefit of a coach.