How to Choose the Right Coach

If what you are planning to do is find a coach hire to wow your girlfriend or maybe your friends, then there is a wide array of coaches that you can choose from. It is certainly without a doubt that coach hires are pretty expensive; as a matter of fact, if you have that budget and you are considering the idea of buying one, you would most likely shell out about 180,000 pounds for a common coach and for a double-decked coach that is approximately 230,000 pounds. One more thing, the maintenance is also very costly. It will normally eat up around ten up to thirteen miles per gallon, plus you will also need to take care of the license of the coach. Pretty slick, huh?

Now, if you find all that data too overwhelming, just hire a coach. Here are some of the different types of coach hires available:

Standard Coach
This particular type of coach does not contain that extra special feature like a refrigerator, toilet or even reclining seats. This is mostly used for short travels.

Full-Sized Coach
This coach can carry about forty to sixty passengers. Depending on the company, some of these coaches have toilets and TVs in them.

Executive Coach
This coach is the best for long distance travels. It comes complete with forty to sixty reclining seats, air conditioning, toilet facilities, TV and video player, hot or cold drinks, curtains and the windows being double- glazed.

Corporate Coach
Often referred to as a Team Coach. This coach is the evolution of the executive class coach. It has all the amenities, but fewer seats. The seats are replaced by tables which give the passengers more room for that extra comfort. The seating capacity of the corporate coach is normally about fifteen to thirty-five, but the enhancements are comprised of leather seats, food and drinks station, kitchen and laptop power sources and even Wi-Fi service at times. This coach would normally cost you more, but it is all worth the money.

Double-decked Coach
This type is also one of the evolutions of the executive class, but can carry twice the amount – about sixty to eighty passengers. One of the best things about this coach is that the seats are situated upstairs while the lower deck is comprised of tables, chairs and sleeping units.

Small, Midi or Mini Coach
The seating capacity of this vehicle is normally around sixteen to thirty-five. However, most of the built-in seats resemble to that of the standard class. It is narrower compared to the full-sized vehicle, thus giving you that cramped feeling. This coach is very popular to party goers and day trippers and because of its size, it is easier to maneuver.

Handicapped-Access Coach
Although there was only a handful being made, this coach resembles the size of the mini coach. A tail lift is specially fitted on the back of the vehicle to fit the needs of the passenger. There are also full-sized versions of this coach; it also has a lift fitted on the side of the bus so that the passenger can remain seated on his/her wheelchair which can be locked firmly on the floor.